Case Study: Family Support Services

Family Support Service

The case study below demonstrates the real impact our Family Support Service has for the people we support.

A lone parent with two children aged 6 and 11 were referred to our family support service by a local school. Mum was struggling to cope with her children’s behaviour in the home and her mental health was deteriorating.

Her son was struggling to regulate his emotions and Mum was often finding getting him to school on time a challenge.

The family were matched with a suitable volunteer and an action plan was developed with Mum, which included developing visual routines, positive parenting strategies and promoting consistency in the home. The volunteer also encouraged consistent communication with school. Mum was also supported to attend our ‘Reach for Wellbeing’ programme which is a course designed to support parents/carers to help improve their mental and physical health.

Mum said:

“I have always found my volunteer to be supportive, kind and understanding. She has given me lots of useful advice on issues relating to my children’s behaviour and offers me support on a regular basis. My volunteer also supported me with seeking support with my own Mental Health and I now feel more confident as a parent.”