First Garden Project Completed

We are excited to announce that the ‘Growing Families Minds’ initiative has achieved its first completed garden project. This initiative was launched by Children First Derby in response to the growing concern of children spending excessive hours on electronic devices and engaging in sedentary indoor activities. The team recently transformed a service user’s garden into a safe, spacious, and inviting green space for children to enjoy.

Despite facing challenges, the team successfully completed the project on a sunny day, using professional equipment to trim overgrown hedges and create a 4-meter-wide play area. This initiative provided one of our supported families, with a child who has ASD, with a convenient and accessible outdoor space, especially as this family find it difficult to visit local parks or participate in group activities.

The before-and-after pictures showcase the remarkable transformation brought about by the team’s hard work. This project not only enhances the outdoor environment for children but also promotes physical activity and exposure to natural sunlight. We are thrilled to see the positive impact of this initiative on the families we serve.

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